Where is Dean Domino?

Dean Domino, known as the King of Swing, is a famous pre-War lounge singer, now ghoulified and trapped in the Villa in 2281.


  1. In Order to restrict killing Dean, you MUST trust working for Dean on your preliminary meeting, in any other case you will ‘insult his ego’. Any style of confrontational speech with him should be prevented across the DLC. Consumer Info: iceman922.
  2. You must have to kiss his ass to keep him alive. Person Info: Crazyman93.

Furthermore, where is Vera’s dressing room key? Vera’s behind the scenes key – on a table in Dean Domino’s dressing room.

Beside above, is there a thanks to store Dean Domino?

When you first meet Dean Domino, allow him suppose he is the “boss”, and not contradict or criticize him. As long as you pander to his overinflated ego, you could save him. If you desire him to live you gotta make him think he’a the one in charge.

How do I disable Tampico’s hologram security?

Make a run to the behind the curtain door positioned in your right before they begin attacking you. As soon as you have made it in the behind the scenes devoid of getting killed by means of the security holograms, you will have to disable the hologram emitter positioned above you correct subsequent to the behind the scenes door.

Who is Dean Domino dependent on?

Dean Domino is an amalgamation of Dean Martin, an Italian-American singer/actor/comedian, and Fat Domino, an American rock and roll pianist and singer-songwriter.

Where is Sierra Madre On line casino in Fallout New Vegas?

The Sierra Madre Lodge & Casino is a vicinity within the Sierra Madre in 2281.

How do you get Dean at the rooftop?

Quest phases Get Dean to the Puesta del Sol south rooftop. Tell Dean to stay in situation and hearth off his portion of the Gala Event. Activate the two Security Holograms to guard the courtyard lower than Dean. Allow Dean know it is secure for him to get to his Gala position.

How do I am getting to the Sierra Madre vault?

Gain access to the Sierra Madre Vault. Discover the secrets of the Sierra Madre on the Vault’s vital chamber. (Optional) Sneak out of the Vault’s chamber vicinity undetected, trapping Elijah while he opens the vault. Break out the Sierra Madre Vault before your collar explodes.