What Type Of Paint To Use On Wood Floors

Do your wooden flooring seem old and dull? Are you ready to paint them and upload some new life for your home, yet don’t understand what form of paint to use?

The best styles of paint to apply on wood floors are latex or acrylic tooth wooden paints. These paints produce very few fumes, are durable, and are eco-friendly. Within the past, oil-based paints have been suggested yet are actually banned in lots of states as a result of their adverse affect at the environment.

Below, you will learn about the ideal types of paint to use on wood floors, the recommended preparatory work earlier than painting, and the portray methods you can use to accomplish optimal results!

The Best Forms of Paint for Wooden Floors

For years, classic oil-based teeth wood paint was the top choice whilst painting wood flooring. It is incredibly durable, so it could withstand a good number of foot traffic with out wearing out. It is also stain and scratch-resistant, that are perfect qualities for ground paints.

However, in 2005 oil-based paints were phased-out in the us due to the fact they aren’t environmentally friendly. Oil-based paints release a good number of fumes into the air and require heavy solvents, together with turpentine or paint thinner, to scrub them up.

Today, most paint organizations purely promote oil-based paints in a quart-size or as “specialty paint.” With a purpose to use oil-based paint, you’ll ought to search for what the regulations are in your state.

Nowadays, the safer and extra popular paint selection is latex-based tooth wood paint. Latex-based paints are the style of the future. They’re environmentally friendly, release fewer fumes, and can be wiped clean up with simply soap and water. They also dry much quicker than oil-based paints.

In the past, they have been accepted to be less durable and to produce a duller color than oil-based paints, making persons reluctant to use them.

However, latex-based enamel paints have progressed over the years. Now many latex-based paints are tremendously durable, don’t yellow over time, and are resistant to peeling, flaking, and blistering. Today, many perform just as well as oil-based paints devoid of the adverse environmental impact.

Another incredible selection to your wooden flooring is acrylic-based teeth wood paint. Acrylic paint is much like latex. The main difference among the two is that acrylic paint is chemical-based, whilst latex paint is water-based. Also, acrylic paints tend to be somewhat harder than latex. Because of this, acrylic paints tend to be more expensive.

Latex-based and acrylic-based enamel wooden paints are incredible concepts which will make your wooden flooring look incredible in no time!

Best Paint Manufacturers for Wood Floors

Sherwin-Williams’ Porch and Ground Enamel

Sherwin-Williams’ Porch and Floor Enamel is a latex-based paint, so it doesn’t have heavy fumes, and it’s very easy to wash up.

Sherwin-Williams’ Porch and Ground enamel is high-quality, but it’s substantially cheaper than different paints of a similar caliber. This is a incredible preference if you’re on a good budget.

This paint is also incredibly dirt-resistant and can manage a great number of foot traffic. It can be tinted to turn out to be a number deep colors, supplying you with plenty of colour options!

INSL-X Tough Guard Acrylic Floor & Patio Coating

INSL-X Ground and Patio Paint is a particularly rated acrylic-based paint which will paintings good on your wood floor.

This paint is quite durable and is built to withstand different weather conditions. It is also resistant to abrasion and may handle a great number of put on and tear.

It is available in 3 specific hues on Amazon, including Grey Pearl, Light Gray, and Tile Red.

KILZ Over Armor Soft Wood/Concrete Coating

Over Armor is a great selection to your wooden floors. It’s a durable acrylic-based paint that’s resistant to cracking and peeling. It’s also easy to clean up since it in simple terms requires soap and water.

This paint dries very quickly, allowing you to put on a moment coat without having to look forward to too long. After you’re done painting, Kilz Over Armor therapies inside 72 hours, which is way quicker than such a lot different paints!

On Amazon, it comes in Chocolate Brown, Slate Gray, and Redwood.

Varnish for Wooden Floors

Polyurethane is the finest varnish to apply for your painted wood floors. It is going to preserve and seal your flooring from scrapes and general put on and tear.

It works by means of creating a barrier over the wood flooring, which enables look after the paint and finish. It is relatively resistant to water exposure, high humidity, special temperatures, and fungus or mildew, making it a superb varnish in your wooden flooring.

Polyurethane calls for re-finishing every 10-12 years. You’ll ought to sand your flooring before you follow a brand new coat of varnish. It is a pain, but it’s worth it for the further protection!

How to Train Your Wooden Ground for Paint

Follow the steps lower than to get your ground all set before you start to paint!

Sand the Floor

If you are painting a ground that already has old paint on it, you’ll have got to sand it or remove the paint in one more way.

If you choose to sand it, you can use 60-grit abrasive paper. Don’t overlook to get knee pads and a dust masks to make your sanding journey more comfortable!

When you’re finished, sweep and vacuum the floors to eliminate any dust. To remove very excellent dust, you may have to use a a bit damp towel or a tack cloth.

Prime the Floor

Some specialists propose doing something called spot priming in your wood ground before you paint. Spot priming signifies that you’ll purely observe the primer to locations where there’s no finish. In case you don’t have any exposed wood, then you definitely won’t need the primer, and you can move onto the next step.

If you wish to add primer, Professional Ground Pointers suggests which you sandpaper the primer after it dries to get it ready for paint application. They propose utilizing 220-grit sandpaper. Remember, you are just attempting to slightly roughen the primer, now not take it off, so don’t use too much force!

Add Painting Tape

Make certain to add portray tape to protect your moldings and other components of the room wherein you don’t desire paint. For the best portray experience, check out this ScotchBlue Multi-Surface Painter’s Tape that is accessible on Amazon. It is available in various specific widths and yard lengths, so just select the only that’s right for you!

Painting the Floor

Cut the Edges

Use a paintbrush to cut into the edges of the room to avert getting paint in your moldings/walls. Cutting in approximately 2-3 inches (5-8 cm) from the wall should do the trick!

Apply the Paint

Pour your paint right into a paint tray after which roll it onto the floor. Ensure you begin faraway from the exit to “paint yourself out” rather of trapping yourself in the room!

Add One more Coat

Wait 24-48 hours until the 1st layer dries, then observe an extra coat.

Seal Ground With Polyurethane

You’ll desire to use polyurethane in high-traffic areas, where you expect there could be the most wear and tear. Including this to your floors will create one other layer of protection.For the best results, you should observe at least two layers.

Allow the Paint to Cure

Try to restrict doing an excessive amount of on your newly painted flooring until it thoroughly cures. Curing usually takes about two weeks, based on the paint you choose. However, in less excellent conditions, it can take up to 30 days. Follow the curing directions at the paint can for the finest results.

Final Thoughts on Different Styles of Paint for Wooden Floors

The best style of paint to use on wooden flooring is latex or acrylic enamel wooden paint. It is eco-friendly, durable, and produces fewer fumes than classic oil paints. While oil-based paints was the tip choice, they’re banned in many states and are undesirable for your health. Some good latex and acrylic paint suggestions are:

  • Sherwin-Williams’ Porch and Ground Enamel
  • INSL-X Hard Safeguard Acrylic Floor & Patio Coating
  • KILZ Over Armor Soft Wood/Concrete Coating

You can apply a polyurethane varnish onto your floors once you paint them for extra protection.

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