What is the secret in geometry dash?

The Vault of Secrets is a secret function of Geometry Dash and Geometry Sprint World, being announced in Update 2.1. It’s located via a padlock in the upper right corner of the directive menu, requiring 50 diamonds to gain access.

Geometry Dash World ‘Vault Of Secrets’ Codes List

  • Secret Code #1: Final Energy. CLUE: Oh my head.
  • Secret Code #2: Uber Hacker.
  • Secret Code #3: Cold As Ice.
  • Secret Code #4: Sneaky Sneak.
  • Secret Code #5: I Can Count.
  • Secret Code #6: Can’t be Fooled.
  • Secret Code #7: Paint Bucket.
  • Secret Code #8: Burnt Chicken.

Similarly, how do you release the vault? The Vault is a secret function of Geometry Sprint and Geometry Dash World, being announced in Replace 2.0. It’s located by way of a padlock in the higher right corner of the Settings menu, requiring 10 user cash to achieve access.

During this manner, what’s the grasp emblem?

The Master Emblem is hidden in Scratches store (the rope in the tresure room) you wish 500 diamonds to access his shop and i feel 1k orbs to purchase the master emblem. The master emblem is clearly the most important to let you in to it. it enables you to into the Chamber of Time.

How do I open the vault of secrets?

In order to unlock the Vault of Secrets, you first have to input the online choice screen. Then, on the good correct corner, there is a lock. If the lock is grey with a 50 diamond signal under it, it’s locked. You wish to collect 50 diamonds to unlock it.

How do you free up the Demon gauntlet in geometry dash?

So to release the demon gauntlet, Free up the chamber of time, with the aid of buying the grasp brand from the key shop, then click the area below ‘coming soon’ within the levels list. Release the chest you could release via unlocking 50 chests within the treasure room. Complete the chaos gauntlet.

How do you free up the Chamber of time?

Then cross to the treasure room, cross to Scratch’s shop (500 diamonds had to pass to Scratch’s shop) Then purchase the gem thingy majigy. After that go back to the arrival quickly page and click on the door back and talk to the gatekeeper returned and you unlock the Chamber of time.

What do stars do in geometry dash?

Stars make a contribution in the direction of unlocking icons and achievements, as well as identifying placement on the leaderboard. A complete of 2494 stars might be earned from completing reliable content: 187 stars are rewarded for finishing main levels, with as much as 15 stars per level. Geometry Dash Lite rewards 88 stars from this method.

How do you get a pleasant shot achievement in geometry dash?

To get “Catch them all!” you would like to ruin an identical cube as in video. To get “Nice Shot!” you need to break players and enter “Customize Character”menu,untill you wreck a similar cube as in video. Thanks for watching! Don`t overlook to love and subscribe!