What is Hot Topic employee discount?

Employee Discount*

Hot Discount legitimate merely on purchases made online at Boxlunch.com for a LIMITED TIME ONLY. Discount no longer relevant to employees of Hot Topic, BoxLunch, Her Universe or any of Valid for one-time use purely on a purchase order of $30 or more.

Furthermore, does Warm Subject have a dress code? Dress code is relaxed, accepting of piercings, tattoos and hair color.

Similarly, you will ask, what does Warm Topic pay consistent with hour?

Average Warm Topic, Inc. hourly pay levels from about $8.37 per hour for Earnings Representative to $23.39 per hour for Greeter.

Does warm subject enable piercings?

Yes you’re allowed to put on piercings.

What do they have at Hot Topic?

Hot Subject (stylized as HOT TOPIC) is a retail chain specializing in counterculture-related clothing and accessories, in addition to certified music. The stores are aimed towards an audience interested in rock song and video gaming, and most in their viewers tiers from teenagers to younger adults.

Does Warm Topic have a scholar discount?

Yes, Warm Subject does offer student discounts. You could uncover additional information regarding Hot Topic’s pupil reduction guidelines on their customer support page here. You may also visit their homepage to see if Warm Subject has posted additional information on their student reduction policies.

Can I use my warm subject credit card anywhere?

The Warm Topic mastercard is a store mastercard that may be used at Warm Topic. A good way to make purchases at different shops you ought to think about getting a fashionable credit card. This card comes with out annual fee.

At what age does warm subject hire?


How a lot does mcdonalds pay an hour?

McDonald’s Restaurants Ltd. will pay its employees an average of ₤6.96 an hour. Hourly pay at McDonald’s Eating places Ltd. ranges from a mean of ₤5.08 to ₤9.53 an hour.

What is a key holder?

Key Holders are administrative employees who are tasked with opening and shutting a store and acting quite a few administrative duties. Their vital responsibilities include helping with shopper service, making sure that the store is clear and organized and managing the alarm system.

Does warm topic do institution interviews?

Applicants interviewing for entry-level income associate jobs usually meet with a Warm Subject hiring manager one time, usually in a group session with different job seekers. Applicants for management positions commonly have to complete two or three rounds of Warm Subject interviews before qualifying for employment.

What is the employee discount at Hot Topic?


How a lot do Spencers workers make?

Average Spencer’s Gifts hourly pay levels from about $8.10 in step with hour for Cashier/Stocker to $15.98 according to hour for Store Manager. The average Spencer’s Gifts earnings tiers from about $16,432 consistent with 12 months for Retail Assistant Manager to $33,602 according to 12 months for Store Manager.

How much does an assistant manager at Warm Topic make?

How much does an Assistant Store Manager make at Hot Topic, Inc. within the United States? Assistant Store Supervisor hourly pay within the United States is about $12.41, that’s 24% below the countrywide average.

What does Hot Subject pay in California?

Hot Topic, Inc. Salaries in California Different Popular Jobs Typical Profits Earnings Partner 10 salaries stated $9.63 in step with hour Customer Provider Representative 5 salaries said $12.22 according to hour Assistant Supervisor four salaries stated $27,869 according to year Warehouse Employee 5 salaries said $12.76 according to hour

How much do hot topic versions make?

The general Hot Subject Profits for Versions is $53,469 according to year.

What ought to I put on to a hot subject interview?

For persons questioning what to wear, simply wear any band t-shirt that you like or something similar to Warm Subject brand! i wore my Of Mice & Guys tank suitable with black pants and some boots.

Does hot subject lease 15 12 months olds?

Because the minimum age to paintings at Hot Topic is 16, 15-year-olds can’t paintings there, but we have a web page on our website specifically for 15-year-olds that you could view instead.