What Can I Use To Write On A Mirror

When you think of a well writing surface, the last thing that probably involves mind is a mirror. So, you will be amazed to listen to how favourable it may be. No matter if you’re seeking to write down a nice romantic be aware to your partner or a reminder in your household member, a replicate can be a well surface to endure your message. The major here is the equipment you employ to do your writing.

If you’ve been thinking what to use to jot down on a mirror, keep reading. Here’s a record of all of the writing equipment that will help you write messages on your mirror like a pro!

Reasons to Write on Your Bathing room Mirror

Everyone desires reminders from time to time. However, in the era of cellphone planners and textual content reminders, you’ll battle to come up with reasons to put in writing your notes in your mirror. But as extraordinary as electronic notes are, mirrors are arguably a better way to depart messages for various reasons.

Mirrors Are Conspicuous

When you want to go away somebody a message, you’ve countless options. You can stick a be aware on the fridge, send them a text message or write down a reminder in one in every of their notebooks. While this may work, remember that those notes are easy to miss. In case your refrigerator is filled with colorful magnets, then a simple white note will blend into the background.

The identical is correct for a word you leave on a table. However, in case you depart your message on the toilet mirror, it’s almost certain the addressee will see it. Why? Because a rest room mirror is the first thing most of us see within the morning.

So in case you or your kin have whatever important to do the following day, write it on the bathroom mirror. That way, you could shield whatever business you’ve the moment you wake up.

They’re the Perfect Location for a Love Note

Think lower back to once you have been a kid, who changed into looking to inform your crush you like them. You’ll usually confess your feelings by writing them a little love note. While you is probably not a seven-year-old anymore, leaving a word in your partner continues to be among the sweetest ways to express how much you love them. And there is not any greater region for your romantic musings than a mirror.

However, mirrors aren’t just well for writing love notes. You could use them to write down inspirational messages in your household or let your roommate be aware of there isn’t any one else you’d instead share your home with.

Writing on Mirrors is the So much Unique Style of Interior Design

One of the most important downsides to most contemporary interior layout thoughts is that they aren’t very unique. All people can get a pleasant set of modern artwork paintings, or a well wallpaper to make their front room leap out. However, do you know what most people don’t use to accessorize their homes? Replicate writing!

A humorous comic story or inspirational quote is the most resourceful thanks to make your home more lively. If you’re a particularly artsy type, you could even draw some flowers, abstract art, or a landscape. It’s a easy way to enhance your living space, devoid of wasting piles of money on costly renovations.

7 Tools You Can Use to Write on a Mirror

So, you’re offered at the notion of messages on mirrors. However, earlier than you commit in your notes, you first must be aware of what gadgets to use. Mirrors aren’t like other writing surfaces. Utilizing any ol’ marker won’t necessarily provide you with a legible message. In fact, it could in all probability damage your replicate permanently.

Therefore, earlier than you get to scribbling, get to grasp each of the tools you could use to write down on a mirror.

1. Neon Dry Erase Markers

Do you desire a writing tool that won’t be a bother to wash up? If yes, then be happy to put money into some neon dry erase markers. Those undesirable boys are the final writing instrument to apply in your mirror. They’re produced from isopropanol, alcohol, and resin, that means they could effortlessly follow a reflective surface.

Most fashionable packs include five awesome colors, to make your replicate writing as fascinating as possible. You can also purchase the markers with varying tip sizes, that’s ideal if you’re in the mood for some replicate art. The smaller the tip, the more unique your paintings can be.

However, the neon dry erase markers’ biggest advantage is that they’re completely erasable. If you’re executed with the word at the mirror genuinely use a dry cloth to wipe the marker away, and voila! Your mirror is clear and prepared for a clean set of scribbles.

2. Lipstick

When you think of sultry love notes written on mirrors, you think about lipstick. This isn’t a coincidence. Lipsticks are one of the most handy methods you can write on mirrors. They include 3 trouble-free ingredients — wax, oil, and pigment.

Wax provides a spreadable texture, which factors the pigment to stick to the glassy replicate surface better. The oil within the lipstick makes it extra spreadable, which in turn guarantees your writing is clearer and more legible.

Plus, lipstick simply looks good. It’s synonymous with romance and kissing, which is exactly the type of thing you want to rouse whilst you’re writing a romantic be aware for your partner. However, it does have a downside — namely, it’s very tough to clean up.

Because lipstick is greasy, wiping it with a dry material won’t really work. You’ll in fact have to use really good cleansing tools like microfiber cloths and cleansing ideas like Windex to get the replicate fresh again.

3. Oil-Based Sharpie Markers

Are colors your jam? In that case, oil-based sharpie markers are the writing device in your mirror messages. Those markers are loaded with bright, quick-drying ink that is totally water-resistant. The sharpie shades are high contrast and that they depart smooth marks that completely stand out on reflective surfaces.

The sharpies leave thin, extremely visible lines, which is good for easy messages in addition to complicated artwork pieces. Yet the finest part, of course, is the color range! The traditional pack comes with 5 traditional shades. However, if you’re seeking to do an artwork assignment in your bathing room reflect with all your family, you can necessarily get the bigger eight-color pack.

In phrases of clean-up, oil-based sharpie markers are a bit of a challenge. For one, they’re permanent. In case you use them to write down on a chunk of paper or other porous surfaces it’s going to be very difficult, nearly impossible, to bathe them off.

Mirrors nevertheless are slightly different. Because the reflective floor is extra slippery, it is possible to wipe the marker off. Genuinely add somewhat of acetone on a cotton ball and get to work.

4. Chalk Marker

When you think about writing with chalk, you often think of tough surfaces like walls or concrete. However, did you know you can use chalk markers to jot down on mirrors too? As their name suggests, those lovely writing tools go away wonderful chalk-like streaks once you use them. Though their call has the note ‘chalk,’ the markers themselves don’t actually contain any chalk.

They’re rather made with a pigment-based ink that leaves a pleasant powdery finish when it dries. Like sharpies and neon dry erase markers, chalk markers come in varying shades and tip sizes to suit all your writing needs.

They’re additionally completely erasable, as long as you employ them to put in writing on non-porous surfaces, like mirrors. What’s more, they’re quite simple to wash up. Not like steady chalk, chalk markers aren’t dry-cleaned. Therefore, you‘ll want a wet textile to erase the chalk marker ink off your mirror while you’re executed writing.

5. Water-Erase Markers

Water-erase markers are heavily related to neon dry erase markers. However, those undesirable boys are made particularly for writing on non-porous surfaces like mirrors. Therefore, the streaks they depart are much more vivid than dry erase markers.

The markers are made utilizing a thick paste that consists of water, propylene glycol, and dye. This formula is water-soluble and hypoallergenic, unlike the ink in dry markers. So if you or your family have allergies, water-erase markers should be your writing device of choice.

When it involves clean-up, water-erase markers are relatively easy to wipe off. A moist cloth or moist paper towel is enough to remove the water-erase marker and leave your mirror all set for some new art.

6. Acrylic Paint Pen

Acrylic artwork have a beautiful, almost dreamlike seem about them. That allows you to replicate that aesthetic in your bathing room mirror, you could do so with acrylic paint pens.

As you’ve maybe guessed, those pens include acrylic paint within them. The paint has been premixed to the ideal consistency. Therefore, you’re assured to get flawless lines each time. Plus, because you don’t want a brush or palette to use the acrylics, you shop time on cleanup too!

The simply downside of acrylic paint markers is that they’re prone to crack and chip when they dry. What’s more, any art you do with them won’t final very long, on the grounds that moisture makes the chalk ink fade. Therefore, you’ll have got to continuously reapply the acrylics to keep your art looking as clean because it did on day one.

7. Whiteboard Markers

Whiteboard markers are probably the most usual writing contraptions for writing on large surfaces. They’re a staple in places of work and classrooms alike, and you could use them to put in writing on overhead projectors, signboards, and other porous surfaces. However, additionally they work extraordinary on non-porous surfaces like mirrors.

The markers are made of three components — colour pigment, a solvent, and an oily silicone polymer. The oily polymer facilitates the marker dry more quickly, while additionally stopping the pigment from binding to the surfaces. Therefore, when you desire to remove the marker from the mirror, all you ought to do is wipe it away with a moist cloth.

Like all of the other thoughts on our list, whiteboard markers come in varying hues and tip sizes to suit all your writing needs. However, they’ve received some backlash in recent years, due to the fact their ink formula reportedly contains toxins.

Some whiteboard markers include methyl isobutyl ketone, a harmful chemical which can cause very extreme allergic reactions. Persons stated experiencing eye, skin, and nose irritation, as well as headaches, nausea, and coordination problems, by means of temporary use.

A few whiteboard marker manufacturers tried to rectify this situation by means of eliminating the chemical from their formula. However, if you’re nonetheless interested in their safety, best pass with another option on our list.

What You Should Be aware of Whilst Buying Markers for Your Mirror

As mentioned, there are relatively a few writing tools you could use to do some reflect writing. However, exclusive markers have distinct properties, which means that each variety will appear distinct once you apply it to the glass. Therefore, it’s important to maintain a few things in intellect whilst choosing yours.

Color Range

Depending on what you want to use the markers for, the colour wide variety may be important. For example, if you’re seeking to do a little wonderful reflect art, then you’ll probable want to get markers with a wide colour range. You’ll additionally desire to prioritize markers with a strong pigment so they’ll have well visibility on non-porous surfaces. But if all you intend on doing is leaving replicate notes, then buying markers in a broad color quantity isn’t that important.

Tip Size and Shape

Tip length is the biggest thing to think about when you’re buying markers because it determines the kind of writing you may do. For example, markers with thinner guidelines leave finer, more precise lines. Therefore, they’re excellent in case your target is replicate art.

However, so that you can use the markers to write down reminders, then a trusty bullet tip is your go-to.

Water- and Abrasion-Resistant Properties

If you plan on writing notes in your bathing room mirror, then you would like to make sure your markers are water-resistant. In spite of the best bathing room exhaust fans, bogs have a tendency to have high levels of humidity. Therefore, it’s going to be really easy for your bathroom writing to get streaky while somebody runs the water.

So, while purchasing your markers, make sure to select water-resistant ones. So that you can restrict your mirror artwork from fading or cracking, go for markers that have abrasion-resistant properties, as well.


Packaging isn’t really the largest aspect when it comes to mirror-friendly markers. However, if you’re on a tighter budget, you should obviously be conscious of it. In most cases, markers that come in fancier applications boast a hefty price tag.

While a greater package can imply greater quality markers, this isn’t necessarily the case. Therefore, while purchasing your markers, check out their homes first and packaging second.

Final Thoughts

If you were questioning ‘what can I use to put in writing on a mirror,’ with a bit of luck you obtain your solutions now. Whether you’re looking to depart your self reminders, lovable love notes for your partner, or indulge in some inventive replicate art, there’s no scarcity of vibrant, colourful markers you could use to jot down on mirrors.

However, not all markers are created equal. So make sure to select the marker with the correct residences if you want your bathroom writing to end up precisely how you anticipated it.

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