What Are The Dimensions Of A Mini Fridge Mini Fridge Sizes

A mini-fridge might appear like the ideal strategy to small area living. Whether you’re in shared accommodations or starting your next “van life” project, it’s essential to know precisely how massive a mini-fridge is.

Mini-fridges range in size, with small refrigerators measuring 17″ in width, 18 ⅞” in depth, and 20 ½” in height. Bigger fridges can degree as much as 19″ in width, 20″ in depth, and 43″ in height. The larger ones have capabilities which includes freezers and crispers, while the small ones are in actual fact chilled cubes.

What size of mini-fridge will fit your needs finest is dependent upon what you would like a fridge for. Are you seeking a drink cooler or a fridge which could store a week’s valued at of groceries? Let’s take a better look into the measurements of some sorts of fridges.

Large Mini-Fridge

The bigger mini-fridges are approximately 4.5 cubic feet. A refrigerator of this size is giant sufficient to shop groceries for one individual on a day-to-day basis. The RCA RFR441 Refrigerator comes with a small freezer, 3 fridge shelves, a compact vegetable crisper drawer, a canned drink dispenser, and 3 racks at the fridge’s door. It is usually inner mild and temperature manage settings.

In particular, this refrigerator measures 22.24″ depth, 20.31″ width, and 32.06″ height. It’s an excellent alternative for a dorm room, a small bachelor suite, or a university bus conversion.

Standard Mini-Fridge

The trendy fridge is more normal to come back in 2.5-3.5 cubic varieties. These fridges absorb much less space when nonetheless offering extra foodstuff storage. Let’s take a look at a fridge during this length range.

The BLACK+DECKER BCRK25B Compact Refrigerator is a superb instance of a simple mini-fridge. This 2.5 cubic foot-capacity refrigerator still incorporates a small freezer and has three inner refrigerator shelves, and the door utilized with a canned drink dispenser, a 2-liter bottle holder, and a small rack up top.

Its measurements are 17.5″ depth, 18.5″ width, and 26.6″ height, making it better suited to liquids and snacks than a whole grocery load. It’s a compact cooling solution terrifi for bedrooms or offices.

Mini Drink-Fridge

A mini-drink refrigerator is extra compact than their widespread counterparts. These fridges don’t come outfitted with any crispers or freezers, instead focussing on keeping constant temperature for optimum beverage coolness. They usually range from 1.2-1.8 cubic toes in storage.

The Antarctic Star Mini Fridge Cooler is a free-standing mini-fridge with a temperature control dial and tender LED mild inside. The glass-door refrigerator permits you to see each of the available beverages, of which it may healthy up to 60 cans of soda or beer. The fridge contains two small shelves to optimize on chilly genuine estate, and the door could be hooked up on both sides so you can select which way to open the fridge.

This compact product’s dimensions are 17.5″ in depth, 19.6″ in width, 18.6″ in height, and 1.6 cubic toes of storage capacity. This refrigerator is a superb choice to have in a video games room to supply your visitors with cold beverages.

Wine Cooler

Another famous kind of mini-fridge, wine coolers are specifically designed with racks to hold bottles of wine. So much types include a temperature where you could set the precise temperature you want to store your wine. Let’s take a look at some standard dimensions of wine coolers.

  • Schmecke 12 Bottle Wine Cooler Refrigerator – This glossy mini-fridge can hold 12 widespread bottles of wine with both bottom bottles displayed on an angle. The robust unit can store wine at temperatures among 41°F and 64°F. This 9.92″ depth, 17.72″ width, 31.18″ height unit is a free-standing, upright mini-fridge that fits elegantly next to a countertop or within the pantry.
  • Koolatron WC20 Thermoelectric Wine Cooler – This wine cooler has a 20-bottle capability with a compact design that may easily healthy on a countertop or a shelf in a drink bar. This glass-doored product’s dimensions are 15.75″ depth, 20.25″ width, and 21.25″ height.
  • KUPPET 27 Bottles Freestanding Wine Cooler – The Kuppet Freestanding Wine Cooler’s garage is a bit more flexible than any other wine coolers on this list. It may store as much as 27 bottles of wine, however it functions three flat shelves rather of any other fridges’ arcing wine-specific shelves. This beverage cooler measures 18.5″ in depth, 18.3″ in width and 33.2″ in height.

Portable Mini-Fridge

Portable mini-fridges are very popular for preserving a few beverages cool on road trips, storing milk at your home coffee station, or extending the life of beauty items in your bathroom. The Uber Appliance Portable Mini-Fridge measures a tiny 9 x 7 x 10.5 inches, featuring 4-liters of storage.


Mini-fridges are available a good selection of measurements. You may uncover fridges which are specially geared towards sitting on a countertop and ones that fit flawlessly underneath them. The commonest mini-fridge offers about 3.2 cubic feet of storage. Tacklife’s Compact Refrigerator is a superb instance of this fridge, measuring 18.7″ in depth, 17.4″ in width, and 33.1″ in height. For a refrigerator of this size, you’ll get a produce crisper, a mini-freezer, a canned-drink dispenser, and three internal shelves and door racks.