Painting Laminate Floors Can You Do It And How

Redoing your floors is an easy thanks to supply your residing area a brand new life, yet full-blown renovations can come to be instead costly. Painting your floors is a good way to avoid wasting money. But can you paint laminate floors?

You can paint laminate floors as it’s an ideal way to raise the aesthetic of any room. It’s essential to clean the floors, and sand down the smooth laminate conclude earlier than you begin the painting process. Be sure to best your floors with a good oil-based primer to leave them stunning and fresh. Several steps cross into portray your laminate floors. Preserve studying for every little thing you would like to know to accomplish a terrific new look.

Painting your flooring is an easy and reasonable thanks to give new lifestyles in your home. Painting your floors may give the illusion of an entire renovation, at a fraction of the cost. Yet before you begin portray your floors, you ought to make sure to gather some essential items.

Here are what you’ll need:

  • All-purpose cleaner, to eliminate dust and dust
  • A ground sander (a random orbital sander is best)
  • A mop
  • A towel
  • Painter’s tape
  • Primer
  • Paint
  • Paintbrush, roller, painter’s tray
  • Sealant

These items are essential to make sure a thorough and visually appealing paint job. In case you have all of these items, you are ready to start your painting journey.

The high quality of your primer and sealant will examine the overall conclude of your floors. You will want to put money into a superb primer to make sure that your flooring appear professionally done.

The Fundamentals of Laminate Flooring

Before you begin the large project of portray your floors, it’s good to understand how laminate floors works. Laminate flooring is a built floors made out of high-density fiberboard.

Most laminate flooring consist of four layers. The 1st layer is a protecting layer that will protect your floor from everything, adding scratches, stains, burns, wear and tear, and chemical damage. The protecting layer is produced from melamine pressed tightly collectively and sealed, protecting any other laminate layers.

The moment layer is the clothier layer. It truly is what gives your ground their look, even if that be fake wooden or faux marble. This layer is built out of a picture of wood or tile, and the picture is printed onto this layer and sealed with a melamine resin.

The cause that laminate flooring can look so real is that the print is taken from an image of genuine wooden or tile.

The third layer of laminate flooring is a moisture-resistant center board. This residue lies on the center of your ground and is constructed out of real wooden fibers and very durable, exquisite resin. This layer gives your floor stability and structure.

The final layer of your laminate flooring is the balancing layer. This residue stabilizes and strengthens your floors. This layer is accountable for ensuring that your floor doesn’t bend or smash lower than pressure—it offers the assist necessary to make sure your home’s longevity and safety.

If your laminate floors is old, worn, scratched, or torn, you’ll desire to think about new flooring. Installation new flooring may be instead costly, that’s wherein painting comes in. It is a simple and comparatively cheap selection if carried out right.

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How to Paint Your Laminate Floors: Step-by-Step

When portray your laminate floors, the paint job’s fulfillment is dependent upon how keenly you adopted those steps. Painting over unclean flooring will lead to uneven, grotesque flooring. For best results, comply with these steps.

1. Clear Your Floors

The first step is to ensure your floor is clean. You’ll want to sweep and vacuum your flooring to take away any dirt, debris, or dust. Once the floors are swept, you’ll desire to use a strong all-purpose cleaner and a mop to cleanse all of the laminate surfaces thoroughly.

Cleaning your flooring is an essential step that ought to now not be appeared over. Even the smallest speck of dust can put a kink on your paint job, detrimental the general appear and effect.

2. Sand Your Floors

After your flooring are clean and shining, sand your laminate floors. The finest sander for the activity is a random orbital sander which will eliminate the end layer of the laminate. Sanding off the top finish until it’s dull will make the paint task appear extra realistic.

Sanding your floors is an necessary step for a effective paint job.

You will want to sand your floor till it is gentle and dull. The ground will appear scuffed at this point, yet that’s okay, it’s all portion of the process. As soon as the conclude comes off, and the entire floor appears scuffed, you’re ready for the subsequent step.

You will want to discontinue sanding as soon as the ground looks scuffed. Sanding added can damage the lower layers of the laminate and create unwanted problems.

3. Clear Again

Now that you’ve sanded the first layer, you’ll want to get rid of the dirt and debris. Wash your floors with a powerful all-purpose cleanser and scrub. A dirt mop and damp towel will cross a long way to clear your floor.

Before beginning the next step, make sure to let your flooring dry completely.

4. Protect Places With Painter’s Tape

Before you begin priming, you’ll want to cover any places that you do not want to color with painter’s tape. Painter’s tape peels off easily and could preserve cabinets, runners, or walls that you don’t want to paint.

You can discover painter’s tape at any hardware store. It’s a small step, yet it’s going to save you lots of time and bother within the long run.

5. Fix Any Damage

Now is the time to fix any main damage that could have occurred on your floor, which includes a gaping hole or intense scratch mark. Laminate ground sealants are bought at so much hardware shops and make it simple to fill in holes and scratches.

Make sure your floor is smooth and natural and organic earlier than you continue onto the next step.

6. Prime Your Floors

Time to prime your floors. It’s an essential step to make certain the completed look is streamlined and effective. Priming your flooring will preserve the bottom layers and make the paint job appear clear and aesthetically pleasing.

You will want to choose an exceptional oil-based primer to prime your flooring before painting. When priming, you will want to apply the coat as easily and frivolously as possible. This will supply you a soft canvas for an frivolously painted floor.

Begin priming on the a long way ends; this will assist restrict the excess primer from dripping onto your floor and inflicting imperfections in subsequent layers.

Before you move on to the next step, allow the primer to dry completely. Maintain the area off-limits while the layer hardens.

7. Observe the Floor Paint

It’s ultimately time to color your floors. As with the primer, you will want to start on the a long way ends of the room to avoid any excess paint from dripping off the comb and inflicting lumps and bumps in your floors.

Be sure to choose floor paint designed specifically for floors. This paint is more durable, as it’s intended for flooring, and could arise to foot site visitors and standard wear and tear.

You will want to follow two to 4 coats of floor paint. Each coat is one other layer of protection. Make sure to wait and permit each coat to dry before beginning to paint the subsequent coat.

8. Observe Sealant

The subsequent and final step is to use sealant. Utilizing sealant will assist preserve your floor from any capability damage, and assist fight cracks and scratches. This step is crucial to ensuring the toughness of your paint job.

Do no longer skip this step if you want durable, long-lasting floors! For best results, select a pretty good sealant.

Polyurethane is a well-liked sealant for floor paint. It is a synthetic plastic with shielding residences that adhere to the paint. Polyurethane works as a clear topcoat to your painted floor, preserving it from scratches and cracks.

Paint the sealant on delicately to make sure a smooth and complete floor. It is suggested to apply two or 3 layers for the finest results.

Once you’ve painted the sealant on, you can go back the room to normal. Bring the furnishings and rugs bag, and marvel in your new top notch flooring!

How Much Does It Cost to Paint Laminate Floors?

The cost of painting laminate flooring depends on the standard of the goods you would like to buy. Better quality products, during this case, will ensure a far better good quality paint job.

While the price of painting your laminate flooring can add up, it’s also obviously relatively more affordable to get your entire flooring redone by means of a professional.

In general, the costs are as follows:

  • 2 to 3 gallons of primer can price you $50 to $100
  • 2 gallons of floor paint can run you between $30 and $50
  • 2 gallons of sealant or epoxy will run you $200 to $250
  • A paintbrush, roller, and other painting tools will cost you $20 to $40
  • Sandpaper or sanding block can cost between $8 to $25
  • An orbital sander condo will run you $20 to $35 per day

If you go for the cheaper options, painting your laminate floors can price you round $328. When compared with hiring a professional to rip up your laminate flooring and set up new floors, this would in all probability prevent money.

Should You Paint Your Laminate Floor?

While it is attainable to paint your laminate floors, some persons propose opposed to it. Pergo laminate floors, for instance, propose that you ought to by no means sand, wax, stain, or paint their product.

Most of the reasons against portray laminate flooring contain the standard of your tools. If you’ll paint your floors, it is essential to invest in a pretty good primer. You also ought to practice the surface, clean it thoroughly, and sand the tip layer.

A thorough application of sealant is likewise essential. The initial paint job can seem rather good, but when the sealant is not strong enough, that layer of paint may well be scratched off via chair legs or sneakers.

How to Obtain the Finest Results

In order to achieve the finest outcome when painting your laminate floors, you will want to invest in exquisite materials. The better high quality your primer, paint, and sealant, the higher your floors will look.

Do now not skip the sanding step! This step is very important to ensuring your floors pop out seeking soft and polished. Now not sanding can lead to a lumpy, bumpy finish.

And make sure to use ground paint instead of standard paint for this task. Floor paint is designed to be harder than regular paint and will rise up to all the wear and tear from foot traffic.

The best key to accomplishing incredible-looking flooring is to take your time. Make sure each layer is painted on smoothly, and permit every layer to dry before continuing onto the next.


That’s every little thing you wish to learn about painting your laminate floors! In case you comply with these steps closely, you’ll come away with gleaming, well as new floors.