How To Soften A Hard Memory Foam Pillow 6 Best Techniques

Do you love memory foam pillows but uncover them too hard? The relief of a pillow broadly determines whether you’ll have a good night’s sleep or not. The excellent news is that you can soften memory foam pillows and lead them to pleased to sleep on.

If you have an incredibly stiff reminiscence foam pillow, examine on to get some pointers on making it soft. You will also study what makes these pillows tough and the difference between reminiscence foam and regular pillows.

What Makes Reminiscence Foam Pillows Hard?

Before we delve into making your pillow soft, let’s first recognise where the hardness comes from.

Memory foam pillows are often tough due to the fact brands need to stability conformity and rigidity. And reaching the perfect stability extremely depends on the type of fabric used to make the pillows.

Just like their call suggests, reminiscence foam pillows are made up of memory foam as the primary product. Memory foam itself is made with visco-elastic polymers, that are obviously stiff.

If you were to observe a reminiscence foam pillow lower than a microscope, you’d see taught fibers that curb in low temperatures and stretch while temperatures are excessive or whilst subjected to pressure.

Another factor that would make you’re feeling like your reminiscence foam pillow is difficult is that you are used to napping on pillows made of different materials which includes cotton or feather.

If that’s the case, your physique could take time earlier than adjusting to reminiscence foam pillows, and they could be very uncomfortable for the 1st few days.

Do Reminiscence Foam Pillows Get Softer Over Time?

Is your memory foam pillow very hard, and you retain thinking if in the future it’ll end up gentle and comfortable?

Memory foam pillows end up smooth over time. The extra you sleep in your pillow, the softer it becomes. Dozing on it really works a similar way as utilising pressure, basically that it takes more time.

You will notice meaningful softening in the course of the initial days of use. The only thing you’ll want is staying power as you watch for it to get soft on its own.

If your reminiscence foam pillow doesn’t get soft over time, then it’s perhaps a poor-quality type. You may, therefore, want to get a replacement.

So, ought to you watch for days on conclusion to your good-quality memory foam pillow to soften so you can ultimately delight in comfy sleep at night? No longer at all. There are methods to accelerate the method of breaking into your pillow. We’ll talk about this afterward in this article.

How to Tell Your Pillow Is Too Stiff

It’s not that rough to know in case your reminiscence foam pillow is very stiff and ought to be softened. In case you don’t feel joyful when resting your head, it ought to be the 1st indication that your pillow has some problems.

Feeling pain or tension within the head, neck, or shoulder locations is also the most obvious signs. An additional signal is restlessness, which usually ends up in sleep disruption.

That said, very smooth pillows are not good either in view that they make the head relaxation in an extremely unnatural position, causing discomfort or maybe injuries.

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Have you ever slept and awakened to pain in the neck or shoulder and didn’t have any notion what brought on the pain? It may be which you used an exceedingly gentle or too stiff pillow.

Although they might consider tough the first time you use them, reminiscence foam pillows are the best in terms of quality. They ensure that the two the neck and the head are aligned the correct way on account that they offer complete support.

Additionally, they are made to face the test of time. Those are not the type of pillows you’ll need to update after a short period of use.

6 Ways to Soften a Memory Foam Pillow

1. Apply Pressure on the Pillow Before Sleeping

Some people don’t trust that this methodology works, however it surely does. Whilst subjected to pressure, the fibers in the pillow loosen, making it softer. Utilising strain on a memory foam pillow softens it inside minutes.

Here is a step by step aid on how to do it:

  • Place the pillow on a flat surface such as the floor.
  • Use a broom manage or other blunt item to whack the pillow a few times, like three or four. Don’t transcend that, as it’d make the pillow lose its shape. You may additionally use your fingers to do this.
  • Alternatively, you can permit a baby jump over it a few times. Make sure you turn the pillow at the other aspect as good to ensure uniformity.

When utilising strain at the pillow, attention extra on the stiffest components to make it soften uniformly. You may repeat the method if it has now not gotten as gentle as you’d prefer.

It will only take you some minutes to make a reminiscence foam pillow gentle utilizing this method. And the finest side is that you don’t must use any one-of-a-kind tool.

2. Stuff It

Stuffing the pillow with softer materials makes it joyful to sleep on as you watch for it to gradually soften.

To do this, Placed the pillow inside a pillowcase and upload some soft substances inclusive of cotton on one side. Other materials you could use for stuffing comprise feathers and polyester. If you can’t discover them, use what is instantly available at home, which includes historical towels or clothing.

Make certain the fabric is correctly allotted to hinder forming clumps, which makes it uncomfortable to sleep on.

Also, use clear materials. Ancient or soiled substances can trigger allergy symptoms or make it rough to breathe. Also, avert heavy materials inclusive of denim when you consider that they’re tough and may trigger discomfort.

Note that this technique will paintings larger if mixed with different methods which includes applying warmth or pressure. It ought to just be a short-term solution.

3. Put the Pillow at Hot Temperatures

Applying warmth to a memory foam pillow is definitely one of the quickest and simplest methods of making it softer. These pillows are temperature-dependent, meaning they’re stiff whilst bloodless and soft while warm.

Memory foam pillows have a tendency to get very stiff in bloodless areas. For example, if you left domestic for a week and the thermostat become now not operating all that time, you’ll get returned and find the pillow has gotten very hard. In this type of case, turning the thermostat on for a while ought to do the trick.

You’ll also notice that these pillows tend to get stiff in the course of winter because of low temperatures. Contact with bloodless water also makes them stiff.

Although growing your room temperature is an effective way of softening those pillows, it doesn’t work fast, and you’ll have to wait a touch longer earlier than your pillow becomes softer.

The most efficient method is utilizing an electrical blanket. The strategy is simple. Take the blanket and wrap it across the pillow. Allow it be on for around 15 minutes.

If you don’t have an electric blanket, there are other methods you can use to warm the pillow. One is putting it close a heating system or a radiator. One other is to iron the pillow with a towel over it.

Other techniques comprise placing a bottle of warm water at the pillow for roughly quarter-hour or placing the pillow near a warmness source. However, you would like to be cautious with the final approach as you’ll danger causing a fire.

Note that it’s now not good to dry these pillows using a dryer since the excessive temperatures can damage them.

Avoid using a desktop to bathe them, too; otherwise, you chance damaging the stuffing inside. Use your arms and permit the pillow to air dry.

4. Leave It Outside for Some Time

Leaving the pillow exposed to the sun is one other technique of utilizing heat. It’s easy, and you don’t need any equipment. Just take the pillow external and placed it on a clear floor wherein it is going to get greatest sun exposure.

Flip it over on the other facet after a while to make sure that each side are uncovered to the sun. Leaving the pillow outside also comes with other benefits anyway softening it. For example, it facilitates air to pass by way of it and eliminates odors which can have collected with time.

However, don’t permit it stay within the solar for too long, as its colour could begin fading. Around three to 4 should be enough.

5. Increase Your Body Temperature

When you increase your body’s temperature and sleep at the pillow, it will absorb the heat and get loose.

You can flow round before bedtime to increase the body’s temperature. For example, you may do a few jumping jacks or do the other physical recreation you are completely satisfied with. Having hot soup or beverages is likewise a good way of increasing the body’s temperature.

It might seem tiresome at first, trying to hot up each time you desire to sleep. The best aspect is that you don’t have to do it continuously since the pillow will lose its firmness over time.

6. Use It Regularly

It may take a number of days that you should use a reminiscence foam pillow and consider comfortable. However, the more you employ it, the higher it becomes. You could decide just to be patient and permit the pillow get softer on its own by means of normally sound asleep on it.

The weight of your head is enough to make it softer, despite the fact that will take plenty of time. Sound asleep on it regularly loosens the fibers, making it extra flexible and comfortable, which you would like to delight in your sleep.

So, if the stiffness isn’t making you uncomfortable, you could watch for time to take its course. When you have dumped your pillow on account that it’s too hard, it’s time to take it returned because it gets greater with time.

You may also use it for other purposes instead than helping your head while sleeping. Those incorporate putting your legs or supporting your returned while seated. The goal here is to apply as much strain as you can.

The best thing approximately those pillows is that they are made from tremendous materials. So, even if they soften, they still continue to be comfortable.

They don’t go beyond a definite level of firmness even after you sleep on them for an extended time, meaning they don’t get overly soft and fail to accomplish their intended purposes. That implies you’ll basically have to exchange it after a number of years of service. Getting overly smooth is a regular obstacle with pillows made of some low-quality materials.

What’s the Change Between Reminiscence Foam and Steady Pillows?

Memory foam pillows are usually very firm, and they have an inclination to maintain their firmness over an extended period. The firmness of standard pillows extensively is dependent upon the cloth they’re made of. Such a lot of them aren’t as firm, and they remain an identical even with changes in temperatures or pressure.

Memory foam pillows also are extra pleasant to those that suffer from one of a kind allergies, which includes respiratory allergies. One intent for it truly is that they don’t preserve dust compared to classic pillows. Additionally, memory foam pillows are less difficult to scrub than regular ones in view that they don’t seem to be generally enclosed.


Having an exceedingly stiff pillow could make you very uncomfortable and impact your quality of sleep. Luckily, you may make your pillow softer and more comfortable. You basically ought to practice pressure or warmness on it, and within no time, it is going to obtain the softness you prefer.

Memory foam pillows have so many benefits and are available in several types, every having exclusive characteristics to suit your needs. So don’t shy faraway from those pillows simply because of their initial stiffness.