How To Paint Bathroom Cabinets

Are you tired of looking at your drab bathroom cabinets? Do you want to give them a fresh, new look? Well, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we will teach you how to paint bathroom cabinets.


Before you start painting your bathroom cabinets, you need to prepare them. Remove all the doors, drawers, and hardware. Clean the cabinets with a degreaser to remove any dirt, grime, or grease. Sand the cabinets with a fine-grit sandpaper to rough up the surface, so the paint will adhere properly.

FAQ: Do I need to remove the cabinets from the wall?

No, you don’t have to remove the cabinets from the wall. However, it’s recommended to remove the doors and drawers for easier painting.


Once the cabinets are prepped, it’s time to prime them. Apply a coat of primer using a brush or roller. Primer helps the paint adhere to the surface and gives a smooth finish.

FAQ: Can I skip the priming process?

No, you should not skip the priming process. It’s an essential step in painting bathroom cabinets.


After the primer has dried, it’s time to paint the cabinets. Use a brush or roller to apply the paint. Use long, even strokes, and apply the paint in thin coats. Allow the first coat to dry before applying the second coat.

FAQ: What type of paint should I use?

You should use a high-quality, semi-gloss or gloss paint that’s specifically designed for bathroom cabinets. These paints are more durable and resistant to moisture.

Drying and Reassembly

Once the cabinets are painted, allow them to dry completely. Reattach the hardware, doors, and drawers. Your newly painted bathroom cabinets are now ready to be installed back in your bathroom.

FAQ: How long does it take for the paint to dry?

It depends on the type of paint you use and the humidity in your area. Generally, it takes 24-48 hours for the paint to dry completely.

Cleaning and Maintenance

To keep your newly painted bathroom cabinets looking great, clean them regularly with a mild cleaner and a soft cloth. Avoid harsh abrasives or chemicals that can damage the paint.

FAQ: How often should I clean my painted bathroom cabinets?

You should clean your painted bathroom cabinets at least once a week to prevent dirt and grime buildup.


Painting your bathroom cabinets is an easy and affordable way to update the look of your bathroom. With a little preparation and the right tools, you can transform your drab cabinets into a focal point of your bathroom. So, grab your paintbrush and get started on your bathroom cabinet makeover today!