How To Make Wooden Stairs Less Slippery 10 Best Methods

There is not anything like the gleam of a wood floor to make a home appear warm and sophisticated. However, your sparkling floor may well be a security chance for your household and viewers as a result of its slippery surfaces. If your gorgeous wooden stairs are fitting a possible hazard, this post is for you. Examine on to profit the 10 finest methods to make your wood stairs less slippery.

1. Observe an Anti-Slip Ground Finish

Anti-slip floor finishes are a good way to make your wooden stairs secure for foot site visitors devoid of altering the healthy visual appeal of your wood. With treads and carpeting, you may lose the beautiful natural and organic look of your organic wood or stain. An anti-slip wood finish allows you to guard your family from falls whilst nonetheless revealing the fantastic thing about the underlying wood.

Anti-slip finishes are available in quite a number forms and may be oil or water-based, depending on your specific preference. A extremely rated anti-slip ground finish is the Bona Anti-Slip which is a waterborne wooden conclude that competitors even the toughest oil-based wooden finish.

The Bona Traffic Anti-Slip Ground Finish is a transparent two-component cross-linked conclude that offers further aluminum oxide to resist the deterioration of your wood staircase. Bona engineered their anti-slip conclude for optimum grip and moisture resistance, excellent for families with youthful little ones who may well be prone to spilling.

The best part of the Bona finish is that you would like not compromise the organic beauty of your wood to provide safety at your residence or office. After all, you need no longer sacrifice your home aesthetics to supply a secure surroundings to your household and guests.

Bona Traffic Anti Slip Satin

  • Unsurpassed scuff, scratch and chemical resistance at…
  • No sealer necessary over a stained floor
  • Exceptional build with excellent flow and leveling

2. Coat in Anti-Slip Paint

If you’re comfortable to introduce a colour difference to your slippery stairwell, there are a selection of anti-slip paints for wooden surfaces to supply more suitable grip and safety. High-textured paints have the bonus of being durable and weather-resistant so that you will use them for both interior and outside applications.

Suppose you have a wooden stairwell that sees loads of foot traffic. In that case, you need a high friction non-skid urethane paint that provides competitive traction in any indoors and outdoors stair surface, such as SlipDoctors Tuff Grip.

The SlipDoctors Tuff Grip Paint enables you ten colour options, adding a clear coat, with superior traction with a 4-6 hour dry time. The paint offers UV protection and chemical and corrosion resistance for more awesome sturdiness for interior and heavy-duty outside use.

3. Use Anti-Skid Ingredients for Sealers

Anti-skid ingredients are a further ideal option for making a more secure wooden stairway. You will upload the ingredients with epoxy, latex, or oil-based paints, stains, or sealers to create a skid-resistant coating on your home.

The great thing about those ingredients is that you can select how much texture you would like to your particular stirs by overlying layers.

One of the most effective anti-skid additives for diverse surfaces, adding wood, is the Rust-Oleum Anti Skid Additive. It has a highly durable bare-foot grade texture that’s easy to apply and hold clean.

The additive also offers the progressed coverage of aluminum oxide, which supplies a diamond-hard finish for extended protection of your wood stairwell. You may mix in the additive with one gallon of your chosen epoxy, latex, or oil-based paints and sealers.

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4. Spray With Non-Slip Paint Aerosols

As a low priced fast fix, you may prefer an anti-slip spray to your wood stairs. Manufacturers precisely formulate those sprays to increase slip resistance in a number surfaces and stairs and provide a lighter textured paw and foot-friendly finish than the more commercial anti-slip alternatives.

A superior aerosol alternative for slippery stairwells is the Rust-Oleum Clear Anti-Slip Spray. The oil-based formula provides more suitable traction in a low luster conclude to reveal the beauty of your natural and organic wood stairs. The spray gives indoors and outdoors protection for improved traction, and the clear finish enables the beauty of the wood to reveal through.

Another good thing about ant slip sprays is their rather speedy drying times. Unlike anti-slip finishes and paint, which would take as much as 24 hours to dry, sprays such as the Rust-Oleum dries to touch in less than 30 minutes and provides 15 sq. feet coverage.

5. Apply Anti-Slip Stair Tape

Anti-slip stair tapes are durable, really simple to apply, and come in various shapes and sizes. They’re a more economical option for an issue staircase and provide long-lasting traction in a number of grit, from child-friendly to coarse advertisement grade finishes. These tapes can be utilized interior or outdoors and supply perfect slip resistance, but they also have a downside.

The adhesives in those stair tapes might damage your underlying wood ought to you choose to take away and update them, and they are not the foremost aesthetic of stairwell choices. For that reason, they might match wood stairs in commercial settings, schools, and workplaces greater than your family home, based on your layout criteria.

Although the stair tape is accessible in a transparent finish, this isn’t necessarily most appropriate for a high traffic stairwell. The transparent tapes have a tendency to reveal dirt and may be troublesome to maintain clear and clean. The matte black and darker coloured stair tapes require much less awareness and are rugged and durable. A well-priced and extremely rated anti grip tape is the Trazon Tape.

Trazon Anti-Slip Grip Tape is a durable water-resistant anti-slip tape that suits indoors and exterior applications. Trazon offers a rugged eighty grit finish for max slippage protection and superior peel resistance. As Trazon designed this tape for commercial, heavy site visitors areas, the tape suits industrial purposes or busy workspaces.

6. Use Non-Slip Carpet Treads

Non-slip stair treads are a more toddler and puppy paw-friendly option than anti-slip tapes. The softer finish still offers a superb grip yet protects your children and pets from the consequences of coarse grit.

Available in a variety of designs, colors, and finishes, the carpet strips could also upload an element of beauty to your home while still conserving your family from unexpected slips and falls.

CrystalMX Non-Slip Carpet Stair Treads offer anti-slip protection with aesthetically appealing designs for the wood staircases in your home. Their treads have a secure, non-slip backing and won’t go away any residue in your valuable wood surfaces. The tread’s multiple-layer layout reduces noise in your stairs and gives a tender contact for younger children and pets.

A bonus is that they’re absolutely desktop washable, and you can pass them as you wish without time-consuming application. Not like the tape treads, these carpet steps won’t damage your wood conclude underneath them as they don’t require any sticky adhesives to work. The downside is that those threads are not as safe as their adhesive-backed tread counterparts.

7. Put Down Clean Anti-Slip Stair Strips

Clear anti-slip strips allow you to preserve the healthy seem of your wood stairs while nonetheless keeping you and your household from slipping. Youngsters some clients complain in regards to the tendency of the clean conclude tapes to draw dust and debris, there are easy to wash strategies for sale that eliminate this problem.

Clear stair strips offer a slip-resistant floor without the excessive abrasion ability of the economic excessive grit stair slips and are pet and child-friendly.

EdenProducts Obvious Anti-Slip Strips are produced from an environmentally friendly PEVA fabric for easy cleaning and maintenance. The clear surface is textured to prevent slipping yet mild sufficient for bare ft and domestic dog paws. The durable substances are waterproof, suitable for indoors and outside use, and simple to scrub with a damp towel or outside hose.

8. Use Ancient Original Stair Runners

Old usual carpet runners delivers a safer wood stairwell with a beautiful aesthetic appeal. There are a variety of textures and designs to choose from to fit your decor and your budget. Stair runners run the whole length of your stairs, and one often sees them in lavish resorts as a pink carpet descending a grand wood staircase.

Nonprofessionals might uncover the correct installing of a full-length runner challenging. The carpet need to match your identical stair measurements and requires a pneumatic stapler and a knee kicker, among other really expert tools for the job. You would also want the right underlays to ensure the carpet suits securely for your wood floor.

If you’ve an attractive hardwood staircase, in basic terms the edges of the stairs will remain visible once you set up a runner, which isn’t necessarily ideal. Usually property owners wish to show the natural and organic beauty of the underlying wooden devoid of protecting it up with a carpet runner. The carpet itself and the installing make this option one of the more expensive suggestions to get rid of a slippery wood surface.

The high-rated Westerly Stair Runner Rugs offer a number base colorations for his or her elegant Persian-style stair runners. The Westerly designs their runners to slot most widespread staircases and use 100 percent heat-set Olefin to ensure a comfortable fit.

The luxurious carpet runners offer 336,000 fabric aspects according to square meter (10.76 sq ft) and a plush pile of 8mm. These Turkish-made runners also offer superior stain and wear resistance for durability. The beautiful japanese layout offers a complicated air to any domestic whilst eliminating capacity injuries on a slippery stairwell.

9. Connect Overstep Stair Treads

If keeping your hardwood floors is your priority, the stair tread and strips might not supply complete protection for the sting of the step, known as the stair nosing. Fixed foot site visitors and pets may subsequently put on down your stair nosing over the years and damage the skin of the underlying wood.

Overstep carpets, often known as bullnose, attach in addition to treads and strips but fold over the vulnerable step edges to guard the underlying wooden better. Overstep treads are simple to install in among 10 to 15 minutes and release no unsafe fumes and chemical compounds as some oil-based non-slip finishes for wood.

Amazon gives notable overstep stair treads in a selection of colours with a defensive fold over the vulnerable nostril area of your steps. The long lasting and particularly rated protectors are compatible with all wood stairs and are washable and reusable.

Patavin Bullnose Stair Treads employ a self-adhesive process that calls for no tape or glue to adhere. They have the further benefit of reducing the sounds of foot traffic on your house or workplace stairs and are puppy and baby friendly.

10. Hold Your Wooden Stairs Clean

Dust and particles are capacity slipping negative aspects on your wooden stairs. Besides the fact that children wooden is a obviously rough texture, varnishes and waxes may create a slippery floor on your wood stairs. Dry contaminants may also seal up the natural and organic peaks and troughs in your wooden stair surface that cause friction making it a possible slipping hazard.

Because of this, you ought to usually sweep your stairs and mop well. Mopping, in particular, is crucial to keep the grime from build up in your wooden stairs, especially in high-traffic places in your home.

Microfiber mops are extremely good to scrub wood flooring and use in tandem with a number of first-rate wooden surface cleaners for sale that clean with out affecting the wood surface or underlying wood.

And youngsters you’ve gotten noticeable among the many DIY blogs that tout a home wood cleansing treatment of vinegar and water, specialists propose opposed to utilizing acid on a wooden surface. Vinegar is ready 5% acetic acid which may spoil down dust but would damage waxed wooden surfaces.

Furthermore, you should necessarily dry your wooden stairs thoroughly after mopping with a delegated wood cleansing agent. Moist wooden flooring and spills can trigger accidents and should always be cleaned and dried once they occur. A delegated dry towel is excellent to use in your stairs upon getting mopped the surfaces of dust and debris.

Common Reasons Why Wooden Stairs Are Slippery

Wooden floors are obviously porous and aren’t generally a slipping chance on their own. There are quite a few the reason why your wooden stairs would pose a slipping chance and such a lot of them are because of inadequate cleaning or using wrong products at the wood surface. If your stairs are becoming tender and unsafe, listed below are the in all probability causes of the problem.

  • You used the wrong product or an inferior product. Cheaper no name brands can wear down effortlessly and offer reduced slip resistance. It’s well worth the funding to buy a rated and hooked up product, after all security is paramount.
  • You utilized the wood finish incorrectly. Too few coats of a specific finish, or too many might divulge the occupants of your home to slipping accidents.
  • You used the incorrect floor cleansing treatment. Oil based mop remedies may flip your wood stairs right into a disaster area.
  • You have left some type of residue on your wooden stair surface. Moisture, grease and an way over polish or wax modify your stair surface. Talcum powders and soap residue might additionally exacerbate a slippery surface.

Stairs Would Require Fixing

Sometimes stairs might show up slippery or harmful whilst the reality is that a number of your risers and treads aren’t even. This happens usually in older houses in which the home could have settled over the years or the wear of decades of foot traffic. Your riser and tread should always be uniform.

Even if one in every of your risers is taller or shorter, it may trick a person’s eye whilst they are utilizing the steps leading to capacity slips or falls. The human eye perceives the risers and treads to be uniform and while they aren’t they may misjudge their footing.

Research indicates that folks simply view the first and last 3 stairs and the rest is negotiated without viewing. This it’s essential that your wooden stairway ought to be even alongside its extent. Most building codes require risers not to range greater than ⅜ of an inch among the tallest and shortest riser on a set of stairs.


There’s no explanation why your wooden stairway ought to be a possible risk within the office or your home. With a variety of strategies on offer, you’ll select an anti-slip product that is secure and does now not detract out of your decor. Always comply with the directions on the label to make sure that the setting up is safe to make sure your stairs are safe to use.