How do I get my staples rewards?

Your order history is always available at, giving you an ideal way to print out your invoices and observe your purchases. In store, in case you paid with the aid of credit score or debit card, just usher in that card and we are going to have the ability to search for your receipt for you.

  1. Visit any Staples store and ask a cashier to envision the balance for you.
  2. Check your stability online here.
  3. Call Staples at 1-888-609-6963.

Also Know, how can I get a receipt from Staples? Your order history is always available at, giving you an effective way to print out your invoices and observe your purchases. In store, in case you paid through credit or debit card, just herald that card and we’ll be capable to search for your receipt for you.

In this manner, how do I redeem my staples ink points?

Redeem your Rewards any way you need – on-line at, over the telephone at 1-800-333-3330 or in any Staples® store with the aid of the expiration date. Staples Rewards need to be used to purchase product at Staples.

Can staples lookup my receipt?

Staples can lookup receipts based on your kind of credit card and when you have a concept of when you bought it. However, the unique receipt remains essential to do a coins return. Those look-ups are usually used for mail-in-rebate receipts once you only desire a reproduction of the receipt.

Does Staples refill ink?

Both Office Max and Staples have provided ink top off drops and “while-you-wait” features in the past, yet each area is distinct and the services aren’t advertised. For those interested in refilling at these stores, it’s best to ascertain with customer support first.

Does Staples price tournament Amazon?

Staples® retail stores will price tournament goods which are bought and shipped with the aid of (its Industry sellers are excluded), and bought with the aid of any retailer who sells items in both retail stores and on-line lower than an identical brand. Nearly everything we sell. One price match, in step with customer, consistent with item.

How a lot is Staples Plus membership?

What is the club price for Staples Plus? The fee for membership for the Staples Plus Program is $49 for a one-year membership (a ‘Subscription Period’), paid at the start of the membership term.

What is enterprise specific mark downs at Staples?

Business unique mark downs Get the finest costs on hundreds of thousands of every day items. Fast, free delivery* Due to the fact two days is too lengthy to ought to wait. Experts able to assist There is nothing like access to real persons to aid you day to day.

Do Staples gift playing cards expire?

No. The Staples present card has no expiration date and no dormancy or transaction fees.

How do I am getting my staples companion discount?

To get your discount in store, absolutely provide your cellphone quantity associated with your Partner Rewards account to your cashier at checkout.

What is a Staples Show card?

Express Present Card $50 (Email Delivery) Express is a modern style for a quick life. Show exudes style, energy and confidence. $50 (Email Delivery) This Present Card is introduced via E-mail. Staples DOES NOT promote more than $2000 of gift cards in any order because of Federal anti-money laundering regulations.

Where can I recycle ink cartridges for money?

Big-box office-supply stores like OfficeDepot and Staples will recycle ink cartridges or even have ink cartridge recycling gift programs. Those stores provides you with $2 in store credit for each qualifying cartridge that you turn in, up to a greatest of 10 empty cartridges per month.

What can I take advantage of Staples Rewards for?

You can use your earned rewards to make purchases at Staples stores and®. In addition, you earn $2 back in rewards for every ink or toner cartridge you recycle when you’ve spent a minimum of $30 on ink or toner over the former a hundred and eighty days. Rewards participants can recycle as much as 10 cartridges consistent with month.

Can I go back an opened ink cartridge to Staples?

Staples Return Policy Office supplies, unopened application boxes, and unopened and unexpired ink and toner cartridges could be again inspite of while the acquisition became made. Opened software packing containers may well be exchanged for a similar product. Returns with no receipt will only be refunded for shop credit.

What are you able to do with empty ink cartridges?

4 Easy Methods to Recycle Your Historical Printer Cartridges Drop them off at your regional office supply store. Many office provide retailers will gladly take back your used or spent cartridges. Discover a local recycling facility. Make some extra cash of your own or fundraise on your school, church or nonprofit. Consider refilling your fashioned brand ink cartridges.

Does Staples Recycle printer drums?

ELECTRONIC WASTE RECYCLING Staples has been proposing free office electronics recycling to all retail customers in the united states on account that 2012. Staples also accepts ink and toner cartridges for free of charge recycling in our retail stores, by way of and through our Staples Company Advantage operations.

Can you reuse waste toner?

Waste Toner Field Full message DO NOT reuse the waste toner box. DO NOT put the waste toner field right into a fire. Be cautious not to spill the toner.

How do I deliver ink cartridges?

Place each cartridge in its possess plastic resealable bag. You can additionally vicinity the cartridges of their original toner boxes in case you nonetheless have the boxes. After eliminating the cartridges, securely pack your laser printer in a sturdy box with packing substances or a crate and region it in an upright position.