Boxwood How To Plant

Boxwood How to Plant Boxwood how to plant is important for anyone who wants to add this beautiful and versatile plant to their garden. Boxwood is a popular evergreen shrub that is easy to grow and maintain. In this article, we will provide you with detailed information on how to plant boxwood.

Choosing the Right Boxwood

Before you start planting boxwood, you need to choose the right variety for your garden. There are many different types of boxwood, and each has its own unique characteristics. Some varieties grow tall and upright, while others are more compact and rounded. Consider the size and shape of your garden when selecting the right boxwood.

Preparing the Soil

Boxwood prefers well-drained soil that is high in organic matter. Before planting, prepare the soil by adding compost or other organic matter to improve its texture and fertility. Boxwood also prefers soil that is slightly acidic, with a pH level between 6.0 and 7.0.

Planting Boxwood

To plant boxwood, dig a hole that is twice the diameter of the root ball and slightly shallower than the height of the root ball. Gently remove the plant from its container and loosen any tangled roots. Place the plant in the hole and backfill with soil, making sure to keep the top of the root ball level with the soil surface. Water thoroughly after planting.

Caring for Boxwood

Boxwood is a low-maintenance plant that requires minimal care. However, there are a few things you can do to ensure that your boxwood stays healthy and vibrant.


Boxwood needs regular watering, especially during hot and dry weather. Water deeply once a week to encourage deep root growth. Avoid overwatering, as this can lead to root rot and other fungal diseases.


Boxwood benefits from regular fertilization. Apply a balanced fertilizer in early spring and again in late summer or early fall, following the package instructions for dosage and application.


Boxwood is a slow-growing plant that requires minimal pruning. However, regular pruning can help maintain its shape and size. Prune boxwood in late winter or early spring, before new growth begins.


Q: Can I plant boxwood in full sun?

A: Boxwood prefers partial shade to full shade. However, it can tolerate some sun if the soil is moist and well-drained.

Q: How far apart should I plant boxwood?

A: Plant boxwood 2 to 3 feet apart, depending on the variety and the desired look.

Q: Can boxwood be grown in containers?

A: Yes, boxwood can be grown in containers. Use a high-quality potting mix and make sure the container has drainage holes.


Boxwood how to plant is easy and straightforward. By selecting the right variety, preparing the soil, and following these simple care instructions, you can enjoy the beauty and versatility of this popular evergreen shrub in your garden for years to come. Remember to water and fertilize regularly, and prune as needed to keep your boxwood looking its best.