Uitto Biocomposite Skateboard Presskit

Uitto Boards was selected as one of the finalists of ISPO Brandnew 2017 a competition for up and coming sports brands at ISPO Munich 3-9. February 2017.

Press coverage
"SOURCE spoke with CEO and Designer Joel Raivio to find out more about this unique and sustainable skateboard manufacturer from Finland."
Finnish Eco Skateboard Company, Uitto Boards
BOARDSPORT Source Magazine
"Raivio started looking for a way to produce a sustainable skateboard, which resulted in Uitto, a company that produces a line of biocomposite boards that are non-toxic, eco-friendly, and 100% recyclable."
Inside the Quest to Make Skateboards 100% Recyclable
The Creators Project - July 12, 2016
"Kudos to these guys for setting out to make something green and not getting sucked into selling us on the performance game."
These Recyclable, Waterproof Skateboards Have the Eco-Friendly Game Figured Out
the inertia - January 08, 2016
"they pride themselves on their use of biocomposite to make a board that's eco-friendly, waterproof, 100 percent recyclable, and nontoxic"
18 Easy Money Kickstarter Products You Wish You Had Thought Of
Esquire - June 06, 2016
" the team wants to bring the traditional wooden board into this day and age with an updated cradle to cradle biocomposite skateboard design that is free of harmful chemicals and is 100% fully recyclable without sacrificing build integrity or quality"
Boards with Benefits | A Biocomposite Skateboard Inspired by 19th Century Logging
SolidSmack - June 07, 2016
Joel Raivio
Henri Vanonen
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