9 Alternatives To Command Strips For Hanging Decor On Walls

Picture frames and wall decor could make any room look better. However, if you’re renting, you’ll no longer desire to hazard hazardous the walls. The way to avoid doing that is by way of determining command strips, but they’re not splendid for every type of wall.

Read on to learn about the possibilities to command strips that won’t trigger various harm in your walls.

When Ought to You Avert Utilizing Command Strips?

If you desire to hang images up without dangerous your walls, command strips are a great way to do so. You in reality stick the strips to an image frame and adhere the other part for your wall.

You can use command strips on wood, metal, tiles, glass, and any other gentle and solid surface. In case you select the larger variety, command strips can carry a frame that weighs up to 16 pounds. Therefore, you won’t have to worry concerning the body falling down and breaking or detrimental your furniture.

Command strips are rather long lasting and non-damaging. However, they won’t stick good to every surface. For example, in case you have textured walls, it’s possibly better to select otherwise to hang your frames. Because the floor of the wall isn’t tender enough, the strips won’t follow it good enough.

Additionally, command strips won’t hold good on any non-stick or tough surfaces. Therefore, if you have any wallpapers or fabrics in your walls, you ought to avoid sticking the command strips onto them. Moreover, don’t use command strips on brick walls. They are going to remain long lasting provided that the bricks don’t have any texture to them and if you can avert the gaps between the bricks when making use of the strips.

9 Choices to Command Strips

It’s tough to find a way of striking items in your walls with out causing any damage. Youngsters command strips might be quite useful, they aren’t fit for all wall types. Based on the kind of wall you’re dealing with, and how heavy the goods you want to hang are, you should decide upon this sort of 9 alternatives to command strips:

1. Nails

If you don’t lease and don’t intellect dangerous your walls a bit, pick steady nails. They are a very good choice in case you have textured partitions or wallpapers. Additionally, if your frames are mild enough, you’ll possibly basically need one nail to hang up every frame. Therefore, you’ll shrink the wear to your wall greatly.

Furthermore, in case you use the right tools, you won’t cause a lot damage in your walls. For example, picture placing kits might be rather effortless to have around. They include all of the materials you need, including nails, screw eyes, and hanging wires. Additionally, a number of them incorporate a level, so you can ensure the body isn’t crooked.

2. Adhesive Hooks

You’ve possibly used adhesive hooks before. They’re particularly handy, as they can carry various weight and don’t harm partitions up to nails. However, although adhesive hooks work good on wallpapers and walls with a gentle finish, they could detach from overly textured walls. Still, in case your partitions are smooth, adhesive hooks are quite easy to attach.

Firstly, be sure to clear the skin with rubbing alcohol and watch for a few minute for it to dry. As soon as the surface is dry enough, peel off the paper that’s at the back of the hook and press the adhesive part in place. Carry the hook in area for 30 seconds. Afterward, allow the adhesive set for about an hour earlier than hanging anything you desire from it.

3. Wall Anchors

If you’re dealing with textured drywall, neither command strips nor nails via themselves will be capable to hold your photo frames in place. However, with extraordinary wall anchors, you can hold items as heavy as mirrors onto drywall. In any other case known as wall mollies, those plastic anchors are meant to hold screws in place.

It’s easy to locate notable kits online with countless screw and anchor sizes. Additionally, it’s particularly simple to install a drywall anchor. In reality twist the plastic part into the wall with a power drill and vicinity the matching screw into it. The anchor will preserve your wall from breaking down as a result of the burden of the item that’s striking off the wall.

4. Drywall Hooks

Using drywall hooks, or else known as monkey hooks, is one of the least hazardous the right way to hang lighter items. In contrast to command strips, you can use monkey hooks on textured walls. However, you won’t be able to use them on harder materials, which includes metal and wood. Additionally, which will grasp up heavier frames and mirrors, a typical drywall hook may not be robust sufficient to carry it in place.

Monkey hooks are quite easy to install. Firstly, assess wherein you want to hold up the item. The bottom portion of the drywall hook ought to be at approximately the same height. Push the lowest portion of the hook into your wall until it penetrates the wall completely. As soon as merely the tip of the hook is left, rotate it and push it added into the wall till merely the very properly peeks through.

5. Hardwall Hangers

If you desire to hold items on a brick or a concrete wall, hardwall hangers are your finest option. Not one of the earlier 4 recommendations may be able to penetrate a tough wall good sufficient without causing damage. Even command strips don’t hold up good when it comes to textured brick walls. Luckily, a pretty good hardwall hanger can hold up particularly heavy items with out inflicting loads of damage for your walls.

Hardwall hangers are usually plastic, and they come with three or 4 pins. The pins are generally made from stainless steel, so they don’t go to pot over time. Considering that they’re thin, you can effortlessly hammer them into a hard wall, and they won’t go away much of a mark. When you safe the pins in place, you can hold whatsoever you desire from the plastic hook.

6. Double-Sided Tape

Double-sided tape is definitely one of the such a lot flexible interior design suggestions you can uncover on the market. It will not be as heavy-duty and sturdy as dedicated wall-hangers, but its versatility makes it a powerful competitor.

Whether you desire to hold spoons and spatulas in your kitchen, or college provides on your office, double-sided tape is easy-to-use and customizable to slot nearly any application. It can be a good option for placing images as well, but the wall should be gentle for best results.

7. Adhesive Putty

If you’re looking for an all-around good choice for striking items on nearly any surface, look no added than adhesive putty. It varieties to the skin of the wall, even if it’s soft or textured, and sticks to the back of your pictures and other home decor goods with ease.

To use, all you need to do is make sure that the skin you’re placing on is clear and dry. Roll a bit into a small, warm ball. Stick the ball to the returned of what it is you’re hanging, and then press the thing into the wall, keeping for as much as a minute.

The draw back to mounting putty is the burden limitations. It may merely hold up to one pound.

8. Magnetic Dots

Hanging ornamental goods at the walls could be stressful if you like to head things round a lot. Magnetic dots provide a way around the commitment.

All you should do is mount one magnet to a wall utilizing both double-sided tape or Velcro patches, and mount any other magnet directly to the goods you want to hang.

Once you’ve magnets on the wall and magnets on your pictures, you could effortlessly rearrange whenever you want!

9. Shelving

If you stay in a strict house intricate or a dorm room, there’s an excellent chance that you’re not allowed to hold whatever on the walls. In these instances, you always find a way of using shelving to display all of your home decor items.

If you’re capable to hang items in your walls, an additional good choice is to install shelves instantly at the walls. This way you can have the finest of both worlds—a vicinity for your books, and a stylish exhibit for all your small domestic decor items.

In Conclusion

Which of these 9 alternatives to command strips you decide upon is dependent upon the wall sort and the weight of the decor you want to hang up.

Still, notwithstanding which preference you cross for, it’s important to purchase a well-crafted product. That way, you can make sure your decor will remain put for a long time, and the wear and tear for your partitions would be minimal.